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COBISS3 Basic Guidelines (unverified)


The manual includes all updates from the first printed version of the manual published in February 1999 onwards. Its content corresponds with the COBISS3, V6.15-00 software, and is also valid for all future software versions until it is either withdrawn, or another electronic version is published.

© IZUM, content last updated: January 2018, Eng. Transl.: March 2018

Complete manual[6,6 MB]

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Parts of the manual:

Title page[177 KB]CONTENTS[423 KB]PREFACE[112 KB]ABOUT THE MANUAL[99 KB]1 INTRODUCTION[144 KB]2 COBISS3 INSTALLATION[85 KB]2.1 System requirements[93 KB]2.2 User interface installation[277 KB]2.3 Login and logoff[107 KB]3 USER INTERFACE[90 KB]3.1 Browser[343 KB]3.2 Search window[448 KB]3.3 Editor[128 KB]3.4 Viewer[146 KB]4 BASIC PROCEDURES[86 KB]4.1 Creating an object[101 KB]4.2 Entering and editing object properties[305 KB]4.3 Searching[304 KB]4.4 Viewing object properties[105 KB]4.5 Preparing and sending reports[157 KB]4.6 Managing report queues[108 KB]4.7 Editing local code lists[145 KB]4.8 Editing jobs[88 KB]5 SETTINGS[98 KB]5.1 Changing the font[81 KB]5.2 Login to the lending department[78 KB]5.3 Defining user destinations[139 KB]5.4 Editing logical destinations[107 KB]5.5 Editing your personal address book[82 KB]5.6 Sending messages to other users[74 KB]5.7 Reading the last sent message[74 KB]5.8 Notifying the users[80 KB]5.9 Preparing the COBISS/OPAC notification[191 KB]5.10 Sending remarks[78 KB]5.11 Refreshing the settings[74 KB]5.12 Viewing server errors[78 KB]5.13 Network test[75 KB]5.14 Examination of personal data processing in accordance with PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act)[236 KB]6 TIPS FOR DATA ENTRY[69 KB]6.1 Characters[164 KB]6.2 Types of data[97 KB]Appendix A - BASIC INSTRUCTIONS ON USING THE WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT[69 KB]A.1 Using a mouse[82 KB]A.2 Moving windows and adjusting window size[84 KB]A.3 Scroll bars[71 KB]A.4 Selecting more objects simultaneously[91 KB]A.5 Moving and copying text[99 KB]Appendix B - LIST OF SHORTCUTS FOR SOME PROCEDURES AND METHODS[106 KB]Appendix C - LIST OF SOFTWARE POINTS FOR PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING (PDPA)[191 KB]C.1 Software points for COBISS3 software modules[266 KB]C.2 Software points for COBISS2 software modules[169 KB]C.3 Data viewing format in lists of personal data processing[138 KB]C.4 Report on the examination of personal data processing[83 KB]GLOSSARY[182 KB]Publisher data[76 KB]

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